Road to 50 on Twitch

That’s right. I am now streaming live music AND coding sessions for SNES Tracker on my new Twitch page! Be sure to follow me by clicking the purple heart…

New Music Video – “My Hero”

Tonight at 7pm EST, I am live premiering my new music video entitled “My Hero.” You’ll be able to watch the video in real time with other bazzmanian devils…

SNES Tracker News Update

Hello family, friends, SNES Tracker enthusiasts, and welcome to all! SNES Tracker’s first public release last month was a total success! (Don’t know what SNES Tracker is? Learn more)…
Musician + Technologist

About me

Hi there. My name’s Bazz, and welcome to my site! As an artist, teacher, and technologist, I made this place so that you can learn more about my past projects, stay up to date with me, and to give you a way to support me.

I am predominantly a musician and lover of technology. On one hand I blaze away the fingerboard of an electric guitar, and teach my awesome students the same. On the other hand,  I’m hacking away on a computer keyboard, chasing a technological dream.

(Incase you missed it) There’s a Menu button at the top-left corner of this website. Clicking on it will take you to the rest of the site. Or, click “Learn more” below for more of my story.


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