Fortnite H8r gives in?!

Fortnite Hater Becomes Fortnite Lover?!

Hey guys, I’m super excited to share with you my latest Full length Youtube video! Enjoy the trailer below, and tune in to the premiere tonight at 10PM EST…

Streamer Has a Meltdown!?

I put new videos up every day on my social networks, and I thought, why not start posting them to my homepage as well?? Here is today’s post with…

Sponsorship – Raid: Shadow Legends

This week I am sponsored by RAID: Shadow Legends! Try this awesome game out for free, and help me have a successful 1st sponsorship campaign! Let’s get you going.…
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Hi there. My name’s Bazz, and welcome to my site! As an artist, teacher, and technologist, I made this place so that you can learn more about my past projects, stay up to date with me, and to give you a way to support me.

I am predominantly a musician and lover of technology. On one hand I blaze away the fingerboard of an electric guitar, and teach my awesome students the same. On the other hand,  I’m hacking away on a computer keyboard, chasing a technological dream.

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