Meatball is an oldschool 2d platforming shooter that is tailored for both adults and kids. The current demo runs on Mac and Windows, with Linux support just around the corner.

pew pew
Slow-mo Gameplay

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Millions of years have passed after a catastrophic apocalyptic event had taken place in space. There, floating gently through the cosmos, a lone meatball assumes consciousness. The meatball floats and floats, until he is eventually pulled in by the gravity of a nearby planet! Just like a spaceship, meatball approaches light speed as he falls by the forces of gravity into this strange planet’s atmosphere.

After recovering from his speedy fall, meatball is greeted by a world he does not yet understand, but feels connected to, somehow. Other foodies are present. Some haven’t come alive yet. But the broccoli, rich in nutrients, were the first among the foodies to come alive. The broccoli realized they could rule the new world. They engineered mecha-bots to seek out conscious veggies and command them to obey! The broccoli want to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

Meatball, being typically served in dishes with only pasta or bread, has no respect for the broccoli and their wicked ways! He has but **one** faithful, trusty friend – MARINARA SAUCE (in a jar). But meatball never knew that marinara sauce comes from tomatoes. But, are tomatos really fruits, or are they vegetables?! Meatball is sure to uncover the answer along his quest.

The army of vegetables is vast and fierce. It is up to you, and Meatball’s trusty pea shooter, to battle on and SAVE THE DAY!


Particle Engine

As can be seen from the gameplay animation, Meatball sports its own particle engine capable of complementing the whole gameplay experience! Watch as bullets collide, creating surface impacts and mesmorizing explosions.


Level Editor

Besides the awesome gameplay, one of the coolest features of Meatball is the custom in-game level editor. By using various tricks like multi-select and fast copy, developers and gamers can create their own levels seamlessly ( and share them with friends in an online community )!

Fast Copy

In-game Console

Use the console to tweak game engine properties and various settings. For example:

  • Load/Save levels
  • Adjust the mix level of various sound effects (and save).
  • Toggle fps
  • Set camera and player position

Mostly a developer tool.