Fortnite Hater Becomes Fortnite Lover?!

Cover Art - Fortnite H8r Gives in?!

Hey guys, I’m super excited to share with you my latest Full length Youtube video! Enjoy the trailer below, and tune in to the premiere tonight at 10PM EST

Just the Trailer! Video Premiere below

Featuring Fortnite gameplay from my Twitch livestreams, fun editing style, and my unique personality – you’re going to want to check this out. 😊✨


A certain Twitch viewer named Hik has been dissing my beloved game Fortnite all the freaking time. Yet, after months of being subjected to my genuine enjoyment of the game, they finally wrote to me: “Br0 I am playing Fortnite.” 🤣 One can only imagine the kind of smile that took shape on my face at the learning of this miracle.

Video Premiere tonight at 10PM EST!!

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