Major Update

Hey y’all! It’s been several months since I posted a Twitch update to the main site! So lemme catch you up!


What a journey livestreaming has been since my last post! We were able to reach milestones I didn’t realize were possible!

  • 450 followers. That’s over 400 since my last post!
  • Over 100 subs. Unlocked every emote slot available to Twitch Affiliates!
  • 200 Discord members
  • Big earnings!
    • Raised money together for various outfits and fun items to play on stream!
      • Froggie Onesie, Cow Onesie, and Maid outfits
      • Heart Rate Monitor, additional camera
      • New Musical instrument – the Kirby Otamatone!
    • Raided by famous live streamer Bruce Greene and “Bruce’s gooses”
    • BIG donations from legendary MrViceLive for my guitar playing.
    • Earned $300 in 30 minutes by playing in a cardboard box! (Uploading vod to Youtube)