SNES Tracker News Update

Hello family, friends, SNES Tracker enthusiasts, and welcome to all!

SNES Tracker’s first public release last month was a total success! (Don’t know what SNES Tracker is? Learn more)

Here’s some coverage on what was achieved, thanks in part to my amazing Patreon supporters and SNES Tracker online community.

  • The first release is pretty stable! 😀
  • the online Discord community has grown to ~50 (tripled this month)
  • Twitter just hit 100 followers!
  • Youtube surpassed 100 subscribers!

The following Musicans / artists released their own music made with SNES Tracker!

RowanDDR –  He’s On The Phone (DJ Rowmania’s 16bit Rotiv8 Mix)

Nano Drive – Deus Ex – UNATCO Theme Cover

More songs can be found in the growing Song Gallery.

The wonderful people involved in the community who used v0.1.1 and gave feedback, also helped me discover some lurking bugs in time for the latest release 🙂

v0.2 released just a few days ago to Patreon supporters, enhances the stability of SNES Tracker, with no remarkable new features yet. But, I wanted to get this out early to my fam to get them ahead of the curve again. Nobody but my Patreon subscribers have access to this, not even Gift Shop customers (yet). And, I’ll be making more frequent releases this time around!

Other News

Besides celebrating SNES Tracker’s first public release, the past several weeks have been absolutely insane, between updating my 11-year old computer, getting new lighting, researching camera equipment, and re-arranging my room in preparation for live streaming. (More on that later). 

None of this progress comes for free – SNES Tracker dev time has taken a hit, so this month I’m providing rolling releases. That just means I plan to give you releases more frequently so that you can use the new stuff faster, and get ahead of the Github again. Think of 0.2 as a series of mini releases including bug fixes, improvements and new features.

Live Streaming

That’s right. Starting this Saturday, August 29th, I’m doing live streaming for SNES Tracker. I plan on doing two different kinds of streams:

  • Let’s Play! Where I narrate making music on SNES Tracker
  • Coding Adventure. Where I narrate coding SNES Tracker

The first stream will be a Let’s Play! During that stream, I will also host a live Q&A session with my audience members.

I’m sure we’ll hype it up as the day approaches ^_^. From my tests, it’s going to be a lot of fun as I attempt my first pro stream!

Closing Thoughts

Shout out to all of you that have gotten behind SNES Tracker as an early supporter <3! Keep making beautiful music, and STAY EXCELLENT!